What is IFME?

IFME network is cooperation between companies and universities in the field of mechanical and mechatronic engineering.

Strong dialogue between industry and universities to support public sector decision making, also new insight to new cooperation possibilities.
Our aim is to further develop IFME to have more power and a stronger profile in order to meet the future challenges in European Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering industry and education (IFM2E) .

IFM2E is an annual seminar taking place in different European countries

The IFM2E is organized by the local universities in different countries. All of those universities represent the most active operator collaborating with industry. The forms of cooperation have quite a variety from projects done as a part of the educational courses to consulting or joint development projects or staff training. On the other hand these universities represent also the most active ones in development of the education both in substance and in pedagogical methods. Read More…